Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Do...

While I have no intentions of leaving the great city of New York any time soon (that is unless my amazing employer feels I would be better utilized in our Paris headquarters :) ) I decided it was time to compile a list of all the things I want to do and places I want to see before I leave NY. I have crossed off a lot of my list in my 2 1/2 years (I seriously cannot believe I have been here that long) as a New Yorker.

  • Top of the Empire State Building
  • DONE. Hockey Game, luckily I have a totally obsessed Rangers fan friend, and another friend who works at MSG. I think this one is likely to happen :)
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for the Cherry Blossom Festival (Future date with Jon)
  • Brooklyn Pizza tour
  • DONE. Guggenheim Museum
  • DONE. Visit the Doughnut Plant
  • DONE. Eat at Egg in Williamsburg
  • DONE. Run in Prospect Park
  • DONE. See Wicked
  • DONE. Explore Park Slope
  • See SNL
  • Go Ice Skating
  • DONE. Mets game, Been to a Yankees game a few times but I am an equal opportunities kinda girl
  • Bronx Zoo in the summertime. Half of the animals were hibernating when I went in the winter.
  • Accidentally walk by the Gossip Girl set and get invited to lunch with all my favorite stars.
  • Horse drawn carriage ride in Central Park
  • More summer movies in the park
  • Museum of Sex, purely for the comedic value
  • Katz Deli (after all one of my favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally)
  • BAM
  • DONE. Green Point bars with Katie
  • Attend a Fashion Week Show
  • Lucali Pizza. I hear it's great.
  • Red Hook Winery
I will be consistently adding things I have forgot or new things I want to do. I will also be crossing things off as I do them! Wish me luck. NY Friends - let me know if you want to do any of them with me!

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