Friday, February 27, 2009

Kelley's First Hockey Game!

Last night I went to my first hockey game and it was absolutely so much fun! I owe a huge thanks to my MSG working friend who hooked up my Rangers obsessed friend and I with probably the best seats I will ever sit in. We were only four rows back from the net so I was all up in the action. A few times I ducked when the puck came flying at the glass. We were in this super elite section that allowed me to order my Cracker Jacks and pretzel from a waitress. AMAZING. I just wish there were more fights. Thanks again MSG working friend. You are my hero.

Yes, that is only 3 rows of people in front of us. I didn't even need to use the zoom on my camera!

I actually accidentily snapped this shot when I got excited the Panthers player was getting knocked out.

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CuriousJessy said...

I bet you your MSG Working Friend was happy to do it :)