Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Big Changes!

So, of late I've been feeling kind of frumpy. I had gotten myself into a rut with my appearance which made its way to my mood. So my beloved readers, I made some moves. I cleaned out my closet (and made a hefty donation to Goodwill!), made a few new (non jeans) clothing purchases, made a few shoe purchases, AND, drumroll please.... dyed my hair.

I'm now brunette. People seriously do not recognize me now. For example, this past weekend I was meeting a few ladies for brunch and they walked in and looked directly at me and didn't even notice I was sitting there until I called their names! I personally do not think I look that different, but apparently I do.

Here's to Spring cleaning and blonde roots!!

(PS. I had jury duty and got put on a case that starts next week (UGH). My coworker suggested that if I still was blonde I likely would not have gotten selected. Playing the dumb blonde is a lot easier when you are actually blonde. sigh)


Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I really need to do the same thing (minus the brunette part).
Obvs, your readers would like to see a photo. Although, I think you would make an awesome brunette! I bet your look is rockin'!

Kelley said...

Pictures coming soon, I promise! Just have to go back in on Sunday so they can tweak the color a tad :)

It's a great feeling to get rid of all that stuff I don't use. More room for new pretty things :)

The Lewicutt's est 2006 said...

ahhhhh! I need to do this too! DYING to see those pictures! Marissa is cutting my hair Saturday, I'm secretly hoping she'll be able to talk me into doing something fun with the color one of these days....

Kelley said...

Randi -

Marissa does amazing color! She's made me darker once before and it was amazing. So talented. I keep trying to get her to come up here and do hair :) I've even promised a whole customer base.