Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Running Machine!

So last weekend I did something kind of crazy. I ran in the Marine Corps Marathon down in DC. It was an incredible experience. I ran the race with Laura (because we do every stupid athletic challenge together) and we've been training since July. So, it was a very bittersweet moment to realize I no longer had to dedicate my weekends to training, and could now resume a normal life. It's kind of sad to realize it's all over though.

This is me at mile 0.25. That's why I look so happy and optimistic.

This is me at mile 22. That is why I look like I am miserable. I half was.

Jason, Jessie and Laura's crew all came to cheer us on. They were such an amazing support team, cheering, encouraging, and trying to catch the perfect pictures of us. They nearly ran a marathon on their own just finding us along the course. Jason mapped it out and they walked something like 12 miles on their own!

Crossing that finish line was such an amazing feeling. I nearly broke down into tears multiple times. I've done some pretty cool things in my time, but reaching the point where I was able to cross that finish point was such hard work. I dedicated so much of my time to training that it was so amazing to actually finish. It was one of the few times in my life where I actually felt like I accomplished something great. It was a feeling I do not want to forget anytime soon.

Up next, NY Marathon 2011. Unless I get selected for the NY triathlon that I entered the lottery for. YIKES!


Meagan Halquist said...

Congratulations Kelley! What an accomplishment. Certainly something to be very proud of :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, congrats!

Anonymous said...

Awesome, congrats!