Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm FREE!!

After successfully completing my first marathon (go me!) I chucked my running shoes and needed a new pair. I was determined to find a pair that was obnoxiously bright and fun. I really wanted to replicate this pair of Sauconys I had back in the day. They were this bright purple/blue color, super light and amazing.

This time around my quest was not really successful. I did however, find a cute grey and teal pair that really make my legs look great. Ok, not really, but they are super cute. Look was not the only reason I chose these shoes though. I've been really interested in this whole barefoot running trend, but the idea of possibly stepping on broken glass was just too much to bare. After some research I decided I would try one of the more minimalist shoes. Not those weird Five Fingers, but a shoe made to imitate and allow your foot to move in a similar way to how it would move when it was not in a shoe at all. I decided to try one of the Nike Free pairs. I'm excited to test them out for a short run, but i'm a little nervous at how my feet will hold up! I'll report back.

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