Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm a star!

One of my favorite Brooklyn designers, Hayden-Hartnett, let me come into their design studio this week and try on all their latest designs, pick out my favorites, and talk about how awesome they are. They even featured me in their newsletter this week! Check me out and you can save 15% on everything I am wearing!

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Here's what I said:

What do you do IRL? I am a Marketing Manager at Gameloft, a video game company. I spend my days playing video games (even though I am no good at them), and trying to convince consumers why they should buy our games. I love everything about New York, especially Brooklyn. I am constantly spending my time discovering new little shops and restaurants that are unique to my neighborhood. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, taking advantage of all the fun free things you can do in NY in the summer time, eating as many sweets as possible, running, reading, collecting shoes and handbags, trying out new recipes (and even creating some of my own) and decorating my tiny studio. Someday I will own a mini dachshund.

Your URL? - I am originally from Florida, so I write about all my adventures living in NY for all my friends who do not. OK, and some that do live in NY. :)

Why did you choose this look? This wrap dress was simple, easy, gorgeous, and comfortable! It goes perfectly well with my easy going lifestyle. The dress can be more casual for day, or paired with some cute heels for a night out. For my day look, I chose some flats/wedges (I am not sure which images you are using so adjust as necessary) that were fun and flirty. The handbag was a clear choice. Which such amazing detailing, the bag was perfect for summer. It's just the right size to carry my sunglasses, money for an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles and tiny umbrella in case of an afternoon rainstorm.

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