Monday, June 8, 2009

Chocolate overload

I have a major sweet tooth and would even go as far as describing myself as a chocoholic. So, after a dinner with some NY family my sister and I headed to Max Brenner to top off our night. We ordered a Chocolate Pizza (warm thin pastry topped with double melted chocolate chunks, melted marshmallows and candied hazelnut crunchy bits) and a Chocolate Mess (this warm chocolate cake can be eaten with spatulas straight from the pan, it is topped with ice cream, toffee bananas and a mountain of whipped cream with candied hazelnut crunchy bits on top , served with additional chocolate chunks, toffee cream and warm chocolate sauce on the side). I'm still full. 


Kaitlyn said...

That looks way too delicious.

CrispyCrumble said...