Friday, May 1, 2009

Let's go Yankees!

April must be my lucky month because not only have I been to a game at the new Mets stadium, last night I got to check out the new Yankees Stadium as well! I got some pretty sweet seats (thanks Vice Magazine!) and fully enjoyed my night watching the Yankees kick some Angels butt. I steered away from the $9 Bud Lights and enjoyed the $10.50 chicken fingers and fries instead. I had instant love for the new stadium once I saw a Moes stand, but that faded when I realized I could only get their chips and queso and not a Moo Moo Mr. Cow. One of my favorite things about the stadium was the little warning signs on the back of our chairs.

-Be Alert for Bats and/or Balls-

I did witness a bat being broken and fly nearly into the outfield, but there was no chance it was making it to section 213.

The new stadium was pretty nice, but sorry Yankee fans, the Jeter Meter came up a little short - I think the Mets stadium is just a little bit better (Hello Shake Shack).

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