Friday, May 1, 2009

here's to happiness

I was inspired by Naomi over at rockstar diaries to think about ten things that make me terribly happy right now. My list is always changing, but these ten things are sure to put a smile on my face.
1. getting a full night's sleep
2. thunderstorms
3. a good cup of coffee 
4. the feeling after a good run
5. sunny, 70 degree weather
6. flowering trees that are blooming all over New York
7. dancing the night away
8. getting lost in a good book
9. walking around my amazing neighborhood (Carroll Gardens really is awesome)
10. laughing so hard my stomach hurts

I would love to know what makes you happy so please please share! Leave your list in the comments or email them to me! I really do want to know :) 


Kaitlyn said...

i have to agree with you on laughing so hard your stomach hurts! it's so true -- we're in the middle of finals and the only thing that gets me through are the brief moments of insane laughter. =)

Eat It Brooklyn said...

Aww, my friends and I used to do this and email each other our lists. It was so fun and inspiring. Um let's see:
1. All-female Accordion Orchestras
2. Strong cheese
3. A brief glimpse of the sun after many rainy days
4. A glass of red wine in the evening
5. Teaching Sex Ed to middle schoolers
6. Watching my potted herbs grow from seeds!
7. Brooklyn
8. My cat curled up next to me while I'm working
9. Having the windows open while I sleep
10. Reading a book, stretched out on the couch.