Sunday, April 19, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

While I may have only had one peanut and no cracker jacks, my first Mets game couldn't of been any better. 
  1. It was the most beautiful day in New York - 78 degrees and sunny - that we have had all year. 
  2. I had to put on sunscreen for the first time this year! (I think winter might FINALLY be over)
  3. I got to spend the day with some amazing ladies.
  4. The new Citi Field is such an amazing stadium. 
  5. We did the wave - a few times.
  6. The Mets won!
  7. I didn't have to take the subway to or from the stadium (hey, its the little things)
 Outside of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda

Let's hear it for the Mets! 

Thanks Vito for the awesome tickets. This day definitely makes it into my top ten days in NY.

For the rest of the pictures for our AMAZING day check out the full album

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