Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm an iMentor! (well, I will be soon)

Last night I had my training to become one of NY's finest, an iMentor. It is this amazing program that pairs NY professionals with high school students from some of the underprivileged and at risk high schools throughout the city. Each mentor is paired with their mentee for the school year (some even for their whole high school experience). I am so excited to be a part of some teen's life and offer encouragement and support. They told us an absolutely scary statistic last night, only 55% of New York City youths graduate from high school. But, high schoolers involved in the iMentor program have a 93% graduation rate! I can't believe how drastic a chage that is. I have to help. I am just waiting for the FBI to check my finger prints.

They are constantly looking for mentors, so check out the site and sign up. Help a teen reach their dreams.

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Candice said...

Good for you! I was just reading up on it and it seems like a pretty awesome program!