Tuesday, March 10, 2009

All in a day

I saw a girl on the train this morning carrying a portable cd player. I didn't know those still existed! Hasn't she heard of an iPod?

Yesterday I spent some time at work polling my friends for the best excuse you have given after being caught faking it. Apparently we are creating an iPhone ap. Why my company thinks this is a good idea is beyond me.

My mac is broken. I am slightly nauseous at the thought of having to buy a new computer. OK, more than slightly.

Heels really can transform my mood. I am addicted. I read this article about a woman who was arrested for embezzling $9.9 million to spend on shoes. I want to be her friend. If she is a size 7 that is.

I have been so busy and out of it that last night I actually forgot to eat dinner. Who does that?

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