Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I made an ice cream cake!

(look at those layers of LOVE)

And you know what? It turned out great! All of this was in honor of Mr. Sinclair's decent into the life of a senior citizen and his absolute love of ice cream.

The whole process was easy, but incredibly time consuming. I followed this blog post written by an ex-Carvel cake maker but made some adjustments to make it my own. Here is how the process went:
  • On Monday I bought ingredients. I decided I was going to make a strawberry cheesecake ice cream cake. I was going to use pie crust for the "crunchies" and Ben & Jerry's strawberry cheesecake ice cream, and my own home made ice cream. I also bought stuff to make the whip cream frosting from scratch.
  • On Tuesday I made the trek over to Prospect Heights to pick up my friends ice cream maker. Any old shlep can use pre-made ice cream. Making it from scratch shows how much I really care, right?
  • On Wednesday morning I made my first batch of ice cream. Vanilla. The whole process was really cool and only took about 20 minutes. When I get a full size apartment and have storage space, I am buying an ice cream maker. Then you have to put ice cream on the sides of a springform pan (about one inch thick) and let it freeze.
  • On Wednesday night I put the strawberry cheesecake ice cream in the bottom and the pie crust on the top. FREEZE.
  • On Thursday I put the rest of the ice cream on top of the pie crunchies and FREEZE.
  • On Saturday I made the home made whip cream, and frosted my cake. FREEZE. This time to set the frosting.
  • Later Saturday I decorated the cake and headed over to the birthday boys house.
All in all, it was a hit! It wasn't hard to make, but I still think I'll stick to a Carvel the next time (even if I do know how to make my own crunchies).

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Home Is Where the Hart Is said...

I must make an icecream cake this summer! Sounds divine and delicious!!!
Oh how I love Carvel (and Cold Stone) icecream cakes!