Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I've got a fancy new bookshelf!

So I mentioned previously about Jason's new adventure of Merrimack & Monitor a few posts ago, and now I'm excited to share my new custom bookshelf (which will be available for sale as a custom install piece)! I envisioned this gem MONTHS ago and asked him to build it for me and we've finally completed it. I could not be more excited about it. We've used black plumbing piping, reclaimed wood, and heavy duty drywall anchors to make this piece. I could literally swing from one of the bars into a back flip and that thing isn't moving. I had such a small space to work with (only 20" wide), and this is the perfect use of space! I love it so much.

With 5 rows of piping and 4 rows of reclaimed wood, I'm really able to maximize the small corner space in my studio.

A closer view of how the shelves interact together. We're going to put something fancy on the ends of the pipes to girly it up! Think dresser knobs from Antropologie.

A closer look at the reclaimed wood.

I love the imperfections of the wood. So beautiful!

I just like this guy, and felt he deserved a close-up. I picked him up in the Dominican Republic.


laura said...

I see nicole geraluts photography book...I want one! did you learn alot from it?

Anonymous said...

love it!! where are your matryoshka dolls?

Kelley said...

Laura - It's a great book for going through the basics. It makes all the terminology simple, and easy to understand. I'd definitely recommend it!

Jessie, they are on a shelf near my door :) Well, technically an old blueberry box that I hung on my wall. But still, in FULL display.