Tuesday, January 4, 2011


1. Take a more balanced approach to training for my triathlon and marathon this year including weight training so I don't get hurt!
2. Eat more balanced meals so I have energy for said training
3. Dedicate more time for my photography
4. Get back to learning French
5. Go to Peru

I found an old list, that I have no idea when I wrote it, with some goals/resolutions on it. Two of the things listed were to open an etsy shop and another to work more on my photography. It's a really good feeling to be able to cross those off that list! Now, on to make both successful :)

PS. I addd more to the shop. Go buy something with that holiday money.

1 comment:

Maisy♥ said...

one of your resolutions, start to learn french.
i can help you if you ever want!
e-mail me!