Friday, January 21, 2011

It snowed. Again.

I am so over this whole snow thing. We got another 3 - 5 inches last night while I was fast asleep. I was told the Farmer's Almanac predicted a very cold winter with hardly any snow. I think it's safe to say they were wrong given we've had a snow storm every week since Christmas!

My Florida friends may think "Oh, but it's so pretty!" And, I agree. Snow is pretty, the first 30 minutes - an hour after it has fallen. After that, fluffy white snow turns to slushy mud mixed with yellow ice. You try walking through that to get to the subway that may or may not be running depending if the switches were froze from all the ice. Is it summer yet?

On a side note, I ordered a new snow jacket and goggles this week! Take me to the slopes!

On another side note, tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY. Very excited for a bloody mary filled brunch with some of my closest friends :)

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Meagan Halquist said...

Not a bit jealous about the snow. Now, the bloody mary brunch, that's a whole different story. Hope that you have a very happy birthday!