Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthday Cooking

Birthday girl is working hard drinking wine. Dewey really didn't like the Hello Kitty birthday hat, or the balloons.
Best couple shot of Blake and Lance. Jason's first New York Christmas tree!

It was a birthday party fit for a queen! Friday night a few of us got together for one of our cooking nights and to celebrate the beautiful Blake in all her birthday glory. When we usually get together we have to make these really terrible Whole Foods recipes for part of Blake's job. But, after many weeks of doing all we can to make those recipes edible, we decided to go a different route. Each of us submitted an ingredient and had to make a dish using one of the ingredients they did not submit.

This week's ingredients included avocado, crab boil, italian eggplant, fresh cranberries, goat cheese, and tomatillos. We ended up with such delicious creations! I used the avocado to make this delicious (and VEGAN) cake for the birthday girl. I do have to say that my favorite dish was the goat cheese and shrimp risotto. Way to go Lance. You really knocked that one out of the park. In terms of birthday celebrations, we had party hats, Hello Kitty plates and napkins, champagne, and of course a vegan birthday cake!

Can't wait for the next cooking adventure :)

Group shot before we ate. We all look tired because we were. Our dishes took a really long time to make and we didn't get to eat until about 10:30!


Meagan Halquist said...

The menu sounds delish! What a fun night :)

Krystle said...

Everything sounded tasty and fun....anything with goatcheese or avacados sounds good! I wish that Johnny was going to be home at Christmas so we could talk him into cooking for us!

blake said...

that was super fun :) i didn't realize i was on your blog! :) great birthday and thanks so much for the pepper cubes and headphones!!!!!