Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get low, get low.

This past Sunday Jason and I grabbed our flashlights and headed underground into the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. The tunnel is officially the world's oldest subway tunnel and was dug in 1844 to eliminate traffic and pedestrian delays on the LIRR. It was a really cool tour, and I learned a lot about New York's history (did you know that Manhattan used to be a mountainous range? On the old mountain bases we now have the skyscrapers, in the valleys there are the shorter buildings. Think Financial district vs SOHO.) For those of you who have read Mole People, and are fascinated with all underground things NY has to offer, go on this tour. National Geographic is filming a feature on the tunnel starting next month. I can't wait to see it!

Jason climbing down and through the small opening to the tunnel.

Our guide (the big guy on the left) actually rediscovered this tunnel in 1980! Look at how little he used to be! Also, check out all the orbs... kind of spooky.

The tunnel roofs were painted white, but all the train soot turned it a much darker color over the years. These holes were how the smoke escaped.

A bunch of old things I saw in the tunnel.

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Candice said...

thats awesome!!! i want to go!!!