Friday, October 1, 2010

Gadgets and gizmos a plenty

"You want thingamabobs? I've got twenty. NO BIG DEAL."

Hello friends. I finally reached that blessed point in my life where I was no longer bound by the confines of my AT&T contract and I kissed that crappy iPhone goodbye. I am now an Android girl. Who would of thought that day would ever come? My little (well it has a larger screen than crappy iPhone) Samsung Fascinate is exceeding all my expectations. Who would of thought you could actually make a call without sitting by my window and the call getting dropped 9 times during a 3 minute conversation? That function is CRAZY.

When J and I were going back and forth about different phone features and trying to figure out which phone I should get, my mom completely called me a geek. She may have even used the phrase geeking out, I can't remember. Hey, I got really excited about the prospect of actually being able to make phone calls on my cellular device.

PS. We ran out of milk at the office and I'm drinking my coffee black. Gross.
PPS. I am drinking my gross black coffee out of my new eco friendly reusable coffee cup I got yesterday. Isn't she cute? I love her and her pink outfit.

A picture of my new coffee cup, taken on my wonderful new phone.

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