Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jumping off a 40 ft cliff is a FAB idea!

So, this is me. Jumping off a 40 foot cliff into a pool of icy cold water. The fact that no women were brave enough to face the jump did not phase me. I am Kelley, I can do anything.

This is me. Landing into said pool of icy water. I screamed bloody murder the entire way down. I may have even screamed a few expletives upon surfacing after this splash. I was in no way "a lady." Hey, it hurt.
Following this image should be a picture of what my legs look like today. Apparently I thought it was a good idea to sit down on the water. I'm not sure if I thought it looked welcoming, or if my body is still trained to automatically lay back when soaring through the air (thanks cheerleading!). Either way, today my legs are purple. An ugly, deep, eggplant looking purple. I'm talking 15 inch bruises from my hip to the back of my knee. I'm sparing you the disgustingness and not making you look at an actual image of this. You should thank me really.

I am so happy I am leaving for a trip to the Hamptons with work. YEAH for bathing suits that don't cover my ugly legs!

In all honesty, I'd do it again. But, I'd probably try to do it right this time.


Jason said...

Next time... perhaps we try something a little smaller first. :)

Jessie Gudahl said...

Ah it must be in our blood, because I did the same thing in Jamaica.