Monday, January 11, 2010

A little slice of heaven

Bonsoir. Je m'appelle Kelley. J'habite à Brooklyn.

So, I had my first French class tonight. I love it already. I am determined to not be a stupid American and only know one language.

On another note, I have discovered something that is the most delightful. Yoplait Whips! Vanilla Creme. I have had some of the other Whips! flavors, but this one is absolutely delicious. Such a great snack and made me think I was eating a container of mouse or cannoli filling (without being too sweet). Do yourself a favor and load your shopping cart with some. You'll thank me later.

(Can you believe I cannot find a picture of this on Google? I can find anything online. This better not be a limited edition product.)

a toute à l'heure!

1 comment:

Randi Lee said...

I feel so bright that I know what you said. haha

I took 5 years of French, it was good times. I'm not as knowledgable in it as I used to be, but I can speak and understand some!

It's a beautiful language!! Have fun with it!