Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's get this party started

I have to say that I am quite happy that 2009 is over. It has been a really rough year for me and I have had no trouble moving on from it. However, mixed between the horrors the year brought I did have a few good experiences: having my sister come live with me for a few months, my old roomie moving in next door to me, and meeting some really great new friends and becoming increasingly close to others. I sure hope 2010 brings me happy memories and amazing experiences. I decided to make a few resolutions to help start the year out right.

K's 2010 Resolutions
1. FIND A JOB, hopefully in an amazing new city.
2. Get more sleep every night. My unemployment has really allowed me to get 8 hours of sleep a night and help my under eye circles disappear. I like this.
3. Use my new freezable tupperware and cook more meals so that I can just defrost something yummy and healthy when I am feeling lazy.
4. No red meat. It hurts my stomach and I rarely eat it anyway.
5. Eat more brussels sprouts. Those suckers are yummy.
6. Improve my Scrabble skills. I'm sick of embarrassing myself.


Katie W said...

I would LOVE to have some Scrabble battles with you in 2010!

Krystle said...

You know I taught your sister how to play Scrabble this year...she had never played it before...aiyiyi :)