Friday, November 13, 2009

Jet Settting

I have the worst luck on planes. Seriously the worst. I always get stuck next to a fat person who hogs the arm rest or a screaming child(ren). The odds of this are seriously multiplied when I fly to Orlando (Thank you Disney). I've come to expect I will be sat next to the worst possible person. Most likely a fat single mother who just gave birth to triplets and they are all sitting on her lap kicking me. What's worse is when they talk to me. I hate making small talk.

So, when I flew to Orlando this past weekend and got sat next to a fit, 20-something guy who was willing to give me the armrest and didn't invade my space, I thought I hit the jackpot. I even enjoyed talking to this stranger. Turns out we both went to UF and even have a few mutual friends. He has this really cool company (originating in good ole Gator Country) called Grooveshark. Check it out. Think Pandora, but on steroids. Amazing.

PS. It really is a small world.
PPS. The Gator Nation really is everywhere :)
PPPS. There actually was a screaming child sitting directly behind me that gave me a headache for 2 days straight. At least this time it wasn't sitting next to me and kicking me. I'm making progress.

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the starks. said...

atleast you haven't had to sit next to 30+ religious folk who tried to save you on the plane. lol