Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baking up a storm

milk & cookies are the perfect afternoon snack.

Today I got myself in even more of a Fall mood. I took out my minimal decorations (a pumpkin and an unfilled cornucopia) and baked some delicious Fall treats. I made these awesome pumpkin cookies. They are seriously good. I think I've already eaten 8. I finally invested in an electric mixer so I don't have to mix everything by hand. It is ridiculous how much easier baking is with electronics. I see a lot of cookies in my future, and in my coworkers (a girl can't eat them all by herself!).

A few weeks back I made this vegan avocado chocolate cake. It looks gross (It's kind of Halloween-esque?) but it was delicious! Please note that I didn't have a mixer for the frosting yet. The cake was probably one of the moistest, chocolatey cakes I've had. I would of preferred a cream cheese frosting though. Takes away the veganess of it, but I only made it because it sounded good.

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