Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today just keeps getting better and better!

Ok ladies and gents. I didn't think things could really get much better than the weekend I just had, but they did. I have big news, HUGE news. OK, not as big as this news of Randi's, but in my little world it's big.

My morning run started out just like any other run. I dragged myself out of bed and forced my shoes on my tired feet. Out the door and over the Brooklyn Bridge I went feeling a little more motivated with each step I took. Then, out of no where I run by Ms. Jenny Humphrey and the Gossip Girl set! I seriously think my excitement shaved a minute off my mile time! I still can't wipe the smile off my face :) (OK, so maybe it really isn't that big of news).

Then, at lunch, I win a free 6 inch sub from Subway.

After lunch, I had a great conversation that seriously lifted a HUGE weight off my shoulder. I feel light as air right now

Still awaiting the news of Baby Mary Addison's arrival. But that should be soon :)

I can only think of one thing that could really make this day better.


Randi Lee said...

I think it's big news!!! I'm a HUGE Gossip Girls fan! And props for getting up and being motivated to do a morning run! And of course I'm going to ask... what could make it better?!

KR said...