Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why do people tell me to smile?

It always happens. I am walking down the streets of NY, completely pissed off for who knows what reason, and someone (usually a scruffy, homeless looking man missing teeth) tells me to smile. Don't they realize that maybe I don't want to smile at the given moment, that maybe I'd rather punch someone in the face?

I had a dermatologist appointment this afternoon. I was dreading it because I had just started to peel from last weekend's adventure and I knew I would get yelled at. "You are so fair, you really need to apply sunscreen more often. Like every 10 minutes. Maybe every 8." Phrases similar to that kept cycling through my head.

Well, I had nothing to worry about because the doctor wouldn't even see me. I am beyond annoyed. When I got there they asked me if I had a referral and I gave them my doctor's name (who is currently on maternity leave and not sure if she will make a return). Apparently that was not good enough, you need some code, and without it the doctor cannot get paid. Why was I not told this before hand? I could of gotten this so called code. The less than brilliant receptionist said, "I am not sure who you spoke to when you called." You, you were the idiot I spoke to and made my appointment with. She was kind enough to allow me to pay out of pocket. I cannot think of anything a person who has insurance would rather do.

Needless to say, I do NOT want to smile. I want to be pissed and eat the York peppermint pattie and drink the Diet Dr. Pepper I bought to make myself feel better.


Artie said...

Only women get this- guys never get told to smile. I have worked hard to cultivate that "stay away from me" look and it serves me well.

LOL @ Diet Dr. Pepper

Thom M. Boessel said...

If its any consolation I only tell beautiful people to smile.