Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wearing a dress is hard

Especially when they end slightly above the knee and are somewhat form fitting. When I walk, it wants to ride up. Hello, you are short enough, I do not need to be showing any more leg. When I sit, it rides up even further forcing me to have to squeeze my knees together for my entire subway ride so the pervert sitting across from me doesn't catch a glimpse. Luckily, my thighs are big enough that I can let me knees sit pretty far apart and my thighs are still touching. Yes, lucky me.

Maybe I should stick to flowy dresses. Or Muumuus.


KR said...

Once upon a lunch break last summer, I bought a FAB dress (obviously pink) at Cheap Jack's. I love it... but my mom always says I look like I'm wearing a muumuu! =)

mic said...

i have an "all muumuus all the time" policy.