Sunday, May 17, 2009

The weekends are just too short

Things that happened to me this weekend:
  • I got tripped by two punk teenage girls in velcro shoes. Good thing I have cat like reflexes and didn't fall on my face.
  • Danced to my all time favorite song - Madonna's Like a Prayer - in a Greenpoint bar (I missed you Ape!!)
  • Hoped a girl would fall into the hot tub she was dancing on top of at Hudson Terrace
  • Enjoyed a delicious brunch at Union Smith. Left beyond full.
  • Went through the Sierra Mist sun-washing tent at the Park Slope Fifth Avenue Street Fair 
  • Made keys for my sister (she gets here Thursday!!!!!)
  • Witnessed two very very drunk girls and guy begin to have sex on the dance floor
  • Spent $24 at the Trader Joe's wine shop and left with four bottles
  • Ate a few too many delicious apricot bars at my friend's party. She said the secret ingredient was the fresh butter. 
  • Enjoyed both a Hillary Duff and J Lo movie on tv - doesn't get much better than that
  • Witnessed the wonder that is the ShamWow. 
I'm exhausted, but all in all a successful weekend.

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