Wednesday, April 1, 2009

When Animals Attack!

It's animal cracker day at the office, which only means that there is a big bear-shaped container full of these delicious snacks in the kitchen. My coworkers and I have had many conversations about our love for these slightly sweet crackers and feel that many times they get overlooked when the afternoon snack hour rolls around.

I was looking through my collection of animals, and noticed that I really couldn't tell what they were. I had 10 different shapes in my cup but can only identify a few. Any ideas? I certainly see an elephant, camel and a horse. The others leave a lot open to interpretation, especially the one on the bottom right corner. What do you see?


johnny said...

it's a buffalo, an the one that seems to be a cat is a puma i believe

the starks said...

i think the bottom right is a buffalo lol and above that a cow with utters?

Candice said...

I'm thinking the one in the middle on the left is a rhino??