Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome to Canada, eh?

So I just got back from my first trip to Canada outside of a quick trip to Niagra Falls when I was about 5 years old. I made my way to the great city of Toronto, where they really do say "eh" at the end of every sentence. I have always been interested in visiting ever since I saw pictures of Rachel McAdams from there. Weird reason to want to visit, I know. Anyhow, my trip was filled by consuming ridiculous amounts of food, having my first steak in nearly a year (probably not a good idea, didn't settle too well), meeting all the people I will work with at the Canadian accounts, and some coworker bonding over stories of snakes, kangaroos, deer and giant dogs. Overall a great trip. Next time I want to spread out my trip a little longer, 4 meetings in two days is tough. I'm exhausted. I snapped this sunrise picture this morning out of my window. I'm told that is Lake Ontario.

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Randi Roo Hoo said...

What a lovely picture! Fancy seeing you on here!