Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The End of an Era

Ok, well maybe not exactly an era. My first post college manager is leaving the country for his homeland. He hails from Aussie land and has apparently decided he has had enough of life in the States. Needless to say I will miss his "ashooms", "res-shoe-mays", and "paw-ma-zons" (that's his way of saying assume, resume and parmesan). Working with him has taught me how to understand the hot Aussies that hit on me in bars, so thanks D for that!

Anyhow, my old team braved the semi cold temperatures and met up for a goodbye lunch at Shake Shack (which just got rated best burger in NY!). Man do I miss them. Lunch consisted of gossip, hilarious stories, delicious burgers and D getting shat on by a bird. Some goodbye. :)

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