Monday, March 23, 2009

Reasons this Monday was great!

Usually Mondays suck because, well, they are Mondays and I have five whole days to make it through until another weekend graces me. However, this particular Monday was pretty sweet because:
  • Walk into work and find one of those hands free phone headsets sitting on my desk. Finally! I have been requesting one for months now. Now I won't have to worry about neck cramps on my two hour conference calls with Paris. 
  • I forgot it was Bagel Monday and was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the kitchen to get a much needed cup of Hazelnut coffee and a poppyseed bagel was calling my name as well. 
  • Ate a couple animal crackers. They may be the best snack food ever. The fact that they come in a big plastic bear shaped container only adds to their appeal.
  • Spent time at Penny Lane Studio recording some voice overs for two new commercials I'm working on at work. I like directing. 
  • Ate my left over delicious pork chops and asparagus that I made for dinner last night. I discovered the best rub. 
  • And last, but certainly not least, GOSSIP GIRL IS ON TONIGHT! 

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