Monday, March 23, 2009

California Dreaming

This past weekend was spent resting, cleaning, watching I Love You Man (which was AWESOME) and getting my life back in order. While all this relaxing and catching up on my sleep was much needed, it did come with a series of disturbing dreams. 

One particularly unsettling dream involved Ryan Seacrest trying to seduce me. We were in a room and just as he starts to kiss me Paula Abdul and Randy walk in and stop this madness. Paula says in disbelief, "Ryan, I thought you were a Christain!" (seems even I subconsciously think that wanting to kiss me is an act only the Devil would pursue) She shakes her head and leaves the room. Randy then goes, "This is not cool Dawg" and leaves as well. I am shocked at their outbursts and Ryan has to kindly explain that I had some sort of connection that got a contestant into the show and Ryan wanting to kiss me was a conflict of interest. 

I think my dream world may be a bit confused. Kissing Ryan Seacrest will always be a conflict of interest for me. Always.

PS. I am not the least bit attracted to Ryan Seacrest, don't even watch American Idol and it definitely was not on TV before I fell asleep. I have no idea why I dreamt this. Any ideas?

Just looking at this picture I shiver, in a bad way.


Kaitlyn Rose said...

Ryan is inescapable and seriously spoils my evenings with E! News. He needs to pick one schtick and stick with it! On another unrelated note, I can't BELIEVE Drew is going back down under. Crazy!

And PS, you should totally do the race in June. So sad it's not in Brooklyn though! =)

johnny said...

jus gotta, i think it's more of a nightmare than a dream if the cast consists of the judges from American Idol, and also i gotta agree with you on "I love you, man" hilarious movie Joban