Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best Date Ever

After the Guggenheim adventure, friend and I made our way down to one of NY's douche bars (not to be confused with a dive bar, dear friend), Whiskey River for an event my old company was putting on. The bar wasn't terrible, but the fact that it was on 2nd and 30th didn't help it's cause. The event was to promote Late Night with Jimmy Falon. He showed up, played a quick game of beer pong, and to be honest, was quite unexciting. No worries, we managed to have a great time anyways! We chatted with my old Zoom friends, had lots of laughs, took souvenir Polaroid's (branded for the show of course), snagged LNJF t-shirts and enjoyed a few complimentary beverages. 

After a few rounds of boring beer pong, we made our way to a nearby bar where a friend was spinning. DJ Paz played some awesome songs, so we danced the night away to Madonna's Like a Prayer (one of my all time favs. Hey sister, remember our dance routines to that song!) and a bunch of other great songs. We didn't even care that we were the only one's dancing (the bar was filled with a bunch of suits and boring people). I even learned how to DJ!  

All in all - an amazing night. Guggenheim, Jimmy Falon, free drinks, souvenirs, free peanut bars, learning to DJ, dancing to some awesome beats all night long. A girl can't really ask for more. 

Jimmy Falon cleaning his ping pong ball before his next shot. Friend mid dance move.
Friend pretending to DJ. Me being more interesting than Jimmy Falon.