Monday, February 23, 2009


I was talking to my sister last night and a friend of hers knows this girl who had a giant pet snake. My sister didn't know the exact size but in my head I picture something of this size. Apparently this girl loved this snake and treated it like it was her baby. She even slept with it at night. The girl started getting really worried because the snake hadn't eaten in a couple weeks and she decided to take the snake to the vet. The vet said that the reason the snake wasn't eating was because it was planning to attack and strangle her in her sleep! Obviously the snake was killed and a piece of this girls heart is now missing. At least she is still alive to be sad about the snake. PS. For those of you wanting to know how the vet knew the snake was going to kill her, I am investigating and will get back to you on that. I am also asking why they couldn't feed it a steak or something instead.

I told my friend this story and her response was, "How come all the weird stories I hear come from you?" Actually, her first response was, "Only in Florida." But still.

That got me thinking. Weird stuff always does happen to me. For example, men have exposed (to put it nicely) themselves to me numerous times on the subway. Not one of my other friends have had a similar experience and this has happened to me 4 times so far. What is it about me that attracts such these things? And, do I really want to know the answer to that?

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Candice said...

Wow... I'm sure you probably don't wanna hear the answer to that! On the bright side, at least you're not having humiliating experiences like I have every other day. Falling on the wet floor in Wal-Mart right next to the "caution: wet floor" sign or maybe all the times I've talked back to people in a store thinking they were talking to me when really they have a bluetooth on their ear that I didn't see.