Saturday, December 27, 2008

One more day of Christmas

So yesterday we decided to extend Christmas for one more day and do two very NY Christmasy things - The Rockettes and see the Rockefeller Christmas tree. Both were great!

I saw the Rockettes in NY for the first time last year with my roommate for his birthday, but it was still such an impressive show the second time around! I don't remember all the scenes they did, so maybe they added to or switched up the show a little. I got goosebumps, so you know its good :) Check out the kickline below - even the Rockettes are not 100% in sync. After the show we slowly made our way through massive crowd that gathered outside Radio City and walked towards the tree. It was huge! Luckily we spotted a un-sketchy looking woman and asked her to snap a family portrait in front of the tree so we didn't get scammed by the people selling pictures. It was a success! 

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