Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm home

So I moved in yesterday. Finally there will be some bit of normalcy in my life again. The move went great to, thanks to a Zoom friend :). He and his boys had me moved in in about an hour and a half. It was the easiest move for me besides when I hired professional movers to move me to NY. I even got a bunch unpacked yesterday. Living in a small studio forces you to make everything as organized as possible, as soon as possible. Chaos stresses me out anyway, so I was quick to unpack. I only have about 6 or so boxes left to unpack. Hopefully I'll be done with it all tonight. I may even enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate. :)

I'm going to get a TV after work today. I found a good deal at Best Buy which is conveniently located two blocks from my office. At least I will have movies to watch while I finish unpacking since my cable is not getting set up until the weekend (Just in time for Gossip Girl on the 5th!). I'll post pictures as soon as I start making progress on the place.

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