Monday, October 6, 2008

Moving Day

7:21am Up really early on a Sunday morning, even before my alarm. Wash my face, brush my teeth, go get Astoria Bagels to lure my roommates to help carry boxes down to our U-haul.

8:33am Waiting in the rain to catch the bus (eww) to take us to the U-haul location on the BQE since every other somewhat convenient location is closed on Sundays. Surprisingly it doesn’t take forever to come. Take it two stops and get lost walking the rest of the way. Have to stop and ask for directions. iphone comes through for getting us there.

9:47am Already loading the truck! Off to a good start. Almost die carrying my solid wood dresser going down the stairs. You see, I went down the stairs first while N took the lighter end of the load. I’m strong, but come on – I’m still petite.

Noon Finish loading the truck and say goodbye to the roomies (sad feelings). Head to N’s to finish loading his bookshelf and 3 more boxes (or so he said). Turns out it was about 10.

1:08 Arrive at my new home and begin unloading boxes with the help of a ton of friends. Everything goes pretty flawlessly (almost too flawlessly for comfort). Except – the couch won’t fit through the door. Have to break into the painted shut door open just to get it in.

2:32pm DONE! Sitting on our front stoop creating a somewhat picturesque scene.

5pm Finally get back from dropping the U-haul off and are sitting down to enjoy our first real meal of the day. We are exhausted.

5:42pm How does Rite Aid NOT have a shower curtain? That is ridiculous. Continue on searching Carol Gardens for one so that I can wash the filth of the day off.

6:09pm SUCCESS! Shower curtain found.

7:36 Unpacking, check phone for time – surprised its only 7:36 and not 11 like it feels. I really am exhausted.

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