Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's a Jungle (or Forrest) out there!

J and I recently went to a trip out west to the beautiful land of Colorado! My gorgeous cousin was kind enough to get married and give us a reason for a vacation. J and I really wanted to see a bear, but (un)fortunately we did not encounter one in our explorations. Did you know that in Rocky Mountain National Park there are only 26 bears and about 50 moose in the entire 265,770 acres?! That seems very low to me. We may have missed boat on the bear, but we DID manage to see THREE moose. One even decided it was a good idea to cross in front of our car!

J likes to think these prairie dogs are representative of him and I. I wonder who's choking who.

RAMS. I promise not to come any closer if you stop looking directly at me. On the Twin Sisters Trail.


Look at this beast! A whole heard of Elk were grazing along Trail Ridge Road. We even had three come directly through our campsite. Really amazing.

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