Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Shot through the heart

Sunday night I helped Jessie cross seeing Bon Jovi live off her bucket list. The show was actually really good. However, I'm not sure if I enjoyed watching the band or the fans more. This one woman (there with her very embarrassed daughter) was dressed in a black sequined tank and had a short, messing curly bob which she kept under control in a white headband with the poof upfront. I seriously wish I would of caught her dancing on camera. She would get really in to it, and then cross her arms to try and contain herself, and then the music would get to her and her flashy dance moves/fist pumping would be let loose again. It was an endless cycle throughout the show. One I seriously found entertaining.

For Bon Jovi, the show was great, and I was surprised I knew more songs than I didn't know! They even played Pretty Woman! Kind of felt like I was back at XS the whole night, only sober. And without slutty dancers in 80's gear.

The panned out stage view. Yes, our seats were behind the stage, which didn't suck as bad as I expected. He kept turning around and performing to the back.

Check out those dance moves!

Close up shot.

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