Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas Story

Christmas came and went far to fast for me this year. I had such a blast with Dewey down in Florida. Her and Kona had so much fun playing all day. I can't tell if its the exhaustion, the snow or Dew missing her dad, but she seems a little depressed now that we're back in BK. It breaks my heart! OK, back to Christmas. For Christmas Eve we headed to mass (for my grandmother's enjoyment) and then whipped up a delicious meal that we enjoyed with a few glasses of wine. After we rested our stomachs we engaged in a little photoshoot. So much fun. Here are a couple of the shots. Hope your Christmas was just as amazing.

The Gudahl girls and their pups :)
(for the purpose of this exercise I'm claiming Dewey as my own.)

Mom, Grandma, Jessie and me.

Not a bad Christmas set up. Thanks Santa!

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Meagan Halquist said...

What a great shot of the ladies! Glad that you had a Merry Christmas :)