Friday, December 18, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Christmas Edition

On Wednesday I met up with a few ladies for our Christmas edition of our beloved Wine Wednesday. In truth, we really didn't do anything different than we normally do (chat, stuff our faces, catch up, among other girly activities) except play the Hanson Brothers' and Mariah Carey's Christmas albums. My faith was restored in why I hated the Hanson bros when I was a child - they are pretty terrible.

The night though was a huge success - great food, great wine, great people! I hope all of you ladies have a wonderful holiday.

Such a cute little Christmas tree!
So much food to choose from.

Erin and I

Maple, brown sugar and pecan covered brie. AMAZING. Kudos to Laura for making such a delicious creation!

No party is complete without pigs in a blanket.

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mic said...

that brie looks amazing!