Thursday, December 10, 2009

When the world gives you lemons.

I recently had a conversation with a good friend who so kindly pointed out that I always see the bad side of the situation and seem to suffer from a case of chronic pessimism. I used to think my reason was if I always excepted the worse, I couldn't be disappointed. Not exactly an ideal way to see the world, but it seemed to do the trick in the case of survival. It wasn't until today on my way back from a tragic trip to Florida I realized I saw the world this way because bad things keep happening to me.

In the words of another friend, last week was the absolute pits. I got laid off in a restructuring and cost cutting effort, and my grandfather passed away. And, to top it off, my coat got stolen during the first snow of the season. Stellar. I am not sure I can take anymore heartache. The worst part is, I have an unfortunate gut feeling this is not the end of things for me. Let's hope this is just my pessimistic ways, and not the same sort of bad gut feeling I had when I walked into work last Wednesday.

Maybe this is the universe's way of telling me I need to switch up the way I'm living my life, that what I'm doing currently really isn't working. Whatever it is, I wish the universe would send a clearer message so I could figure it out a little easier.


Randi Lee said...

:-( I'm sorry to hear all the bad news :-( Nothing anyone can say can make it suck any less, but when the world keeps giving me lemons, I try to sulk for an appropriate amount of time, and then quickly realize that all I have control of is my reactions and how I choose to handle/learn from the lemons.

Then you get up... kick some ass, take names, and show the world who's boss. :-)

Hope it all gets better soon, my dear! The dark times is when you learn and grow the most!

the starks. said...

don't worry things will be fine...i got laid off last year then two weeks later we found out the house we were renting was in foreclosure, everything seemed to work out though

Ms. McNerdypants said...

I will send you some positive energy so that things turn around quickly for you! I'm sorry for your loss and your job situation.