Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A smile can change the world.

I have a theory, that using smileys make people not think you are a bi**h. I used to make fun of one of my coworkers for her obsessive use of smileys in her work emails. I told her, people are going to think you are not being genuine - there is no way you are smiling that much when you are writing to let a coworker know their proposal is going to be late (I actually probably was smiling, but in the muahaha kind of way). However, everyone thought she was the sweet part of the team, and me the evil. I now fully attribute this to my lack of use of smileys.

You see, when I started my new wonderful job I also started a little experiment. I didn't change anything about the way I write my emails, I just inserted little smileys in them. A year later and no one has thought I was anything but the pleasant person I am :). My smiley use can even be excessive at times and I have to force myself to chill out a bit. So, thank you my Scotland living friend, you have taught me a very valuable lesson.

PS. how do I get that guitar guy singing love songs in my emails?!


Randi Lee said...

haha, that's funny. I always put smilies in my emails that I know come off like I'm a mega B*.

KR said...

this made me laugh out loud! :-)