Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When animals attack

Remember back when I told you how much I hated spiders? Well I think this guy told his fiercest friends to head over to my apartment and attack. This weekend I found a pretty sizable spider chilling on my window. I immediately freaked out, grabbed a tissue and killed that sucker. A strange wave of satisfaction came over me in doing so. I had saved myself from a possible attack! I was recently reprimanded by a friend for my spider killing ways (apparently they are good because they eat bugs and such. blah. blah. blah.) but those suckers are gross and cause me great amounts of anxiety. And they bite. They deserve to die.

I must have celebrated a bit to early because I woke up with a giant bite on my leg. I thought, "Damn, that guy got me! I just got bit by a dog, and now this?! Bastard." The bite has gotten worse and more painful in the last few days so I decided to do some research to see if I was going to die from this and should consider visiting a doctor. Let me take a moment to say that the internet should not be used to self diagnose injuries - you will only freak yourself out. I came across this chart and have narrowed down my attacker to either the Black House spider or the Orb-Weaving one. This is great news! One of them is low risk and one is toxic! Given that i found it in the window, I'm leaning towards the toxic option. Perfect. (Side note: Black House spiders are native to Australia so I should be OK. Fingers crossed!)

Lesson learned: I don't know what the heck bit me, but it hurts and needs to go away. Soon.

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