Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Day, Another Race

Saturday morning I headed down to Prospect Park with my friend Laura to run in the Nike+ Human Race 10K. Nearly 800,000 people around the world all ran in the race! After my half, I hurt my ankle and had taken some time off from running and literally only started running again 2 days before the race. Probably not the best idea. The whole day was kind of a mess. I forgot my running chip, I forgot my transmitter for my Nike+, and I felt bad when I was running.

After the race, Laura and I decided to treat ourselves to one of the best egg and cheese sandwiches in NY at Prime Meats. As we were walking and talking, and minding our own business, a giant pitbull leaps from the bushes and attacks me, knocking me down to the ground! Well, it didn't happen exactly that way, but still we were walking and this pit jumped at me and bit my hand! The owner was a jerk and didn't even apologize that his dog not only jumped on me, but bit me. All in all, a fail of a morning for me.

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