Monday, August 10, 2009

The coldest Winter I ever had was Summer in San Francisco

I always thought I would love San Fran if I ever got the chance to visit. People always said it was a lot like NY. While it was lovely, I just don't think I could deal with 50 degree summer nights. I like seasons - hot, cold, and in between.

There were a lot of similarities between the cities, here are some of the differences I noticed:
  • In NY if you see an acquaintance you avoid eye contact at all costs so you don't have to waste 1 minute of your time saying hello. In SF, they shout across the street at them and wave.
  • In SF the bums get mad if you ignore them when they talk to you, in NY they get mad if you talk to them.
  • In SF a lot of the restaurants close at 3pm, in NY its 3am
  • In SF the bums use much more creative excuses/costumes to get your money. In NY they hold signs that say "I need beer money"
I did enjoy my time in San Fran and hope to go back again soon to see all that I missed. But, the visit did make me realize how much I really do love NY - dirt, grime, rude people and all.


Hedder02 said...

I live in SF and am dying to live in NY! Brookly, too. How funny!

Hedder02 said...

I live in SF and am dying to live in NY - Brooklyn to be exact. So funny!