Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I love awkwardness.

I just got back from one of the most awkward doctor's appointments. Since my insurance sucks, and I have to go to a regular doctor to get a recommendation for a dermatologist, I was already not thrilled about spending a co-pay to get a name and number. I arrive and the receptionist had on camo shorts and silver painted toes sticking out of flip-flops. The receptionist was a man. Despite this he was very nice and pleasant to chat with while I waited for the doctor (He told me all about this fab dermatologist and agreed that Oxford insurance sucks. He had the same.).

When I finally got in the doctor gave me a standard physical. Except, it really wasn't all that standard. I had to weigh myself. When he was using the stethoscope he thought he'd be able to hear my heart best by placing it right on top of each of my boobs. For some reason, he poked my armpits. When he drew blood, I got a Hello Kitty band-aid (Note: this was NOT a pediatrician and I saw an entire shelf full of Hello Kitty band-aids). They did not take credit cards - only cash or check (If I had known, I would of brought my Suzie's Zoo checks and given Hello Kitty a run for her money). The only normal thing was when I got my tetanus shot.

All this for a dermatologist referral.

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