Monday, June 29, 2009

A perfect Sunday dinner

Last night I had the most wonderful night. A few friends gathered and we cooked a delicious pasta dinner and peanut butter brownie and ice cream dessert. We spent the evening enjoying the beautiful NY summer weather (FINALLY!), chowing down and discussing important topics such as: what would happen if our butts lit up like fire flies, but you had different colors for different moods; getting in sibling fights (I apparently suffered a bite mark to the thigh at one point) and making fun of Jessie for spending entire days watching Lifetime movies. I cannot wait for our next dinner!

Up tonight: Weeds slumber party!!!

Judging by the look on Jon's face I think we were discussing Jessie having to discover mangled dead children for her dream job of working with murder scenes. Awesome dinner conversation.

So good: bowtie pasta with a (homemade) goat cheese tomato sauce

Testing out the timer function - Group dining on our patio :)

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