Monday, June 22, 2009

Express yourself

A dear friend of mine and I met up this weekend and a charming Greenpoint bar and had a discussion about artistic expression. This is a topic that I have been struggling for a while now. I do not have one thing that I excel at, but rather a lot of different artistic things that I do pretty well. I guess I am somewhat ADD when it comes to it, and want to a little bit of everything. I cook, I sew, I write, I design, I photograph, I draw, I used to dance (Hip-Hop for life!) and I have even been know to paint back in the day.

In an effort to develop more of my skills I have been researching new cameras (sadly the lens in mine exploded somehow, yet externally there are no damages) and I bought a sketch pad and some pencils. I am starting small by sketching stuff around my apartment and hope to soon be able to take my pad down to the park and enjoy the afternoon! My first drawing turned out quite nice actually! Lots of practice left to do, but hey - isn't that the fun?

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Randi Lee said...

I hear you. I'm dying to try ballroom dancing!